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Bridging to a sustainable world is complex and risky, but critical to our economy and way of life

The human toll and economic costs of climate change are becoming all too clear

Sustainability programs are under pressure to deliver both sustainability and financial performance

Risks and opportunities abound whether you are leading sustainability programs or driving growth in the sustainability market

We help you minimize risks and capitalize on opportunities that sustainability presents

I am...

Leading or helping to drive the sustainability program
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Seeking to accelerate growth
in the sustainability
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Providing critical market intelligence and leverage for my association members
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A PE or VC firm focused on maximizing portfolio value
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Our Thinking

Meet The Team

We are a boutique consultancy leveraging experience in commodity and
supply chain economics, business strategy, and stakeholder management.

Alex Harrison

Alex brings an extraordinary book of experience from years analyzing and reporting on commodity supply chains...

Victor Milligan

Victor leverages his pedigree in management consulting and 12 years as a CMO to be able to get beneath the patterns...

Amy Quigley

Amy, who is also the founder of EQIQInsights, brings a wealth of experience in reshaping stakeholder and customer management...

Steve Keener

Steve is a co-founder of River Rock Advisors. River Rock Advisors, a close partner firm with Cairnbridge, brings value chain...

Christine Uri

Christine brings C-Suite experience from years serving as a Chief Legal Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer...

How Can We Help You ?

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