About Us

We are reminded daily of the cost and human toll from climate change. We are collectively racing against time to deliver on sustainability.

And we wanted to make a difference, by leveraging our experience in leading organizations through prior disruptions, such as digital transformation and Covid’s impact to supply chains, that caused significant strategy and operational challenges to organizations.

Our goal is to combine those learnings with our experience in commodity markets, the decarbonization of supply chain, strategic programs, business strategy, and stakeholder management to give sustainability leaders the tools to drive profoundly important change for your organizations and the world.

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Meet the Team

We are a boutique consultancy leveraging our experience in commodity markets,
supply chains, business strategy, strategic program management, and stakeholder management.

Alex Harrison

Alex brings an extraordinary book of experience from years analyzing and reporting on commodity supply chains. Through geopolitical turmoil, trade-wars, financial crises, and pandemics, Alex is able to see how complex global supply chains change or respond to large-scale disruption – like sustainability.

Victor Milligan

Victor brings his deep experience in management consulting with over 12 years as CMO to the sustainability challenge. He has driven strategic programs that allowed the organizations to thrive through change, such as digital transformation that changed how businesses work and Covid’s impact to supply chains that reminded us about the complex interconnectedness of business. His goal is to leverage that experience to help leaders take on the awesome challenge of sustainability.

Amy Quigley

Amy, who is also the founder of EQIQInsights, brings a wealth of experience in reshaping stakeholder and customer management models to meet the demands of the time. Recognizing the potent influence of advisors and advocates within your communities and leveraging that power is essential. Equally important is knowing how to set up and run them effectively to meet contemporary challenges, such as sustainability

Steve Keener

Steve is a co-founder of River Rock Advisors. River Rock Advisors, a close partner firm with Cairnbridge, brings value chain strategic and operational insights and analytics to balanced sustainability business cases and initiatives.

Christine Uri

Christine brings C-Suite experience from years serving as a Chief Legal Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer at a Fortune 500 energy company. She has led sustainability programs that address climate change, human rights, ethics, and other emerging areas. Christine works with in-house legal teams to implement cross-functional sustainability training, strategy, and governance at the board and executive levels.

Our Trusted Partners

At Cairnbridge Advisors, we collaborate with leading specialists to enable our clients to navigate a disruptive and dynamic market that requires practical expertise. Our network includes supply chain experts, program management professionals, and seasoned general counsel. Each contributes to our goal of ensuring that sustainability performs in commercial terms.

This multidisciplinary approach means we:

  • Offer comprehensive solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities our clients face in their sustainability journeys
  • Develop approaches that are innovative and effective, and grounded in practical solutions
  • Deliver exceptional value and support our clients in achieving both their financial and sustainability goals.

How Can We Help You ?

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